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Friday, March 10, 2017

Shocking Cookie News

My senior year of high school, for a Personal Progress project at church I gathered favorite recipes, copied them onto cute cards, and filled a recipe box so I had yummy recipes to cook up at college. My dad is famous for his chocolate chip cookie recipe so that recipe was a must. His are delicious. Mine our delicious. But for years (21 to be exact) I've wondered why my cookies bake up flat (but still delicious) and his bake up ... not flat. Every few years we discuss this... melted butter vs. softened butter, etc. As far as I've been able to tell, we do everything the same. A few years ago, he switched to a new recipe and shared it. That recipe is also delicious, and halves more easily, so I switched too. For an event tomorrow, I need a lot of cookies and his original recipe makes more, so I reverted back to it. Again, I asked him about the melted vs. softened butter (the recipe says melted, but we both use softened). Then I asked him about oven temperature. I'm a more experienced baker now than I was before, and the 400 I have written down seemed high. He was shocked. He never bakes cookies above 350 or 375 so he checked his old recipe (clipped from the back of a bag of Mrs. Field's chocolate chips) and that recipe says 300! So I stopped texting him and gave him a call and made my parents read me the entire recipe. It's not the recipe I have written down! Where did I get this recipe. I've been claiming it as my dad's cookies for 21 years! But this does explain why our cookies always bake up differently. ;)

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