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Friday, November 18, 2016

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

I find it hugely amusing that 21 years ago, I was working myself up into a feminist frenzy over the youth activity at church for the young women. We were learning how to make pies. I don't know if a leader actually said, "so we could find a husband" or if a sweet leader just jokingly said, "boys like girls who know how to cook" or something of the sort to try to convince us teenage girls to show up. No matter what she said, I refused to attend that activity. Why should I learn to make pies to impress a boy!?!

Yet just a couple years later, as a college student, I did just that (but not with pies). I loved baking. I made cookies and brownies galore. None necessarily for boys, but I'm sure they were there and I wasn't *not* trying to charm them with my baking. I know for a fact a specifically made a cheesecake for a boy I was dating because he begged me to once he found out I could. And I probably wanted to impress him. And I know I made cinnamon rolls hoping to win the attention of some of the boys who lived in the house next door to mine.

What happened to that feminist teenager?!

She wasn't really a feminist. At least not in the modern sense of the word. Maybe back then, 1995/6, she was a little bit of a feminist. But somewhere along the line she realized that the modern definition of feminism is not that same as being feminine and having pride in it. And that's what she is. Proud that being female ISN'T the same as being male. It is uniquely different. I am uniquely different. That doesn't mean I'm less. That means what it mean... different but equal.

So now, I found myself a couple decades later teamed up with my 14 year old daughter learning to make pies for a project in the same youth program. A project I suggested to her and she embraced with enthusiasm.

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