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We've moved!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back in America!!!

We're back!

The kids and I left Beijing, China on June 29 and Jed followed on July 8. We flew to California and over the month of July we visited my family cabin in Utah (California>Nevada>Arizona>Utah) and then made our way from my family in California to Jed's family in Ohio-towing a trailer (California>Arizona>New Mexico>Texas>Arkansas>Mississippi>Tennessee>Kentucky>Ohio). Then in August, Jed and I conquered seven more states in a 23 foot moving truck (Ohio>Kentucky>Tennessee>North Carolina>South Carolina>Georgia>Florida) to get to our new home in Florida!!

Then, back up to Tennessee for a family reunion with all of Jed's siblings and parents. Then back to Florida with the kids.

So... we've been a bit busy!

Unpacking. De-cluttering. Figuring out the kids homeschooling. Starting a new job (Jed). Finding our way around town and getting reintroduced to American grocery stores. We're keeping busy.

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