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Monday, January 04, 2016

Book Review: My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington

Another beautiful, colorful book by Monica Wellington.

My mom is a retired reading specialist as well as retired Kindergarten/First Grade teacher, she's also a lover of picture books, trees and fall colors, so I asked her to read this book and tell me what she thought.

My mom loved it. The pictures are bright and beautiful. The story is of a girl out on a walk collecting leaves. The book not only teaches kids about the different types of trees and how to identify them by their leaves, but it encourages kids to get out and collect their own leaves to make their own leaf book.

As you can see by the above page provided to me by the publisher, the book sort of acts as part picture book, part reference book. The right hand page above is labeled "oak" and shows examples of oak leaves and gives the different characteristics of oak leaves. 

Growing up in California, seeing trees with leaves that change colors in the fall is rare. As an adult, I've lived in different parts of the country where the leaves change colors each fall... and I love it. I've even taken notes and drawn pictures of the leaves I love so I can remember to plant that type of tree in my yard someday. This book is a cute introduction for any budding naturalist.

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