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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

80s movie GIF

Without really meaning to, Jed and I started watching 80s movies that one (or both) of us has never seen. We started with Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Jed had never seen it) and then a few days later watched Footloose (neither of us had seen it). Apparently, we're not just watching 80s movies, we're watching 80s dance movies. What should we watch next???

While we were both kids in the 80s, we were also both kids with older siblings that were teens in the 80s, so these movies are hilarious to us.

This one scene in Girls Just Want to Have Fun was so hilarious to us that I said it needed to be a GIF. Jed agreed and I spent a few minutes the next day trying to figure out how to make a GIF. Here's the final result:

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