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Saturday, September 07, 2013


In Ohio, we live just outside the city limit of a town of 25,000.  It's actually a really cool small town.  The downtown area is filled with still functioning shops and businesses, unlike a lot of small town America we've driven through. There are all sorts of events, festivals, etc.  The big city for our area is less than 30 minutes away.  I don't have a Target in town (it's about 15 minutes away) but I do have a Walmart.  And a Sonic.  And a Jimmy Johns. 

Today we drove a few cities away to an apple festival and had two of the yummiest things ever.

1) Homemade by the Amish pecan pie.  I'm already making plans to frequent this city's farmer's market each Friday in hopes that this same Amish seller will be there again.  And I don't even like pecan pie.  I only like my brother-in-law's mom's recipe.  Jed's been buying pecan pies from grocery stores for years and I'm never even tempted by them and I have an unbelievably large sweet tooth.  This pie... Mmmmm.  Plus a cute Amish baby in little overalls.

2) Bottled root beer from a small business that frequents festivals like this.  It's called Fent's and it's based out of Springfield, OH.  There's just something about drinking root beer out of a bottle.  Reminds me of college and Henry Weinhard's root beer.  Mmmm.


wendys said...

We are always looking for a new root beer! If you ever come our way we will treat to you to some of Pocatello's finest.

Erin said...

Pecan pie sounds amazing! Sad we never got to visit DC while you were there. But hope you enjoy Ohio!

EmmaJ said...

I don't like pecans, but would probably buy anything from an Amish person. Also, I had totally forgotten about HW rootbeer. Do they even sell that here? Adding it to my shopping list and now am on the hunt.

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