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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Mumford and Sons

I'm adding to my concerts list.

We arrived in Ohio Friday night, August 23.  We have a rather long drive to church (just under half an hour) and we drive through Troy, Ohio.  Princess Sparkley pointed out that there was a banner/sign that said welcome Mumford and Sons.  So when we got home, we looked into it.  Troy, Ohio was one of 4 (I think) small towns chosen to host them as part of a two day summer tour called Gentlemen of the Road.  The town expected 35,000 people which more than doubled the population of Troy.  We didn't bother with tickets but figured since the concert was at the high school football stadium we could find somewhere nearby to listen.  And we did.  It was awesome.  We just couldn't see them.

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wendys said...

That is awesome! I would love to hear them! The day after we left our vacation in oregon to Pocatello, we found out the the Avett Brothers were playing in a county fair by my brother's house and we missed them! If we had only stayed one more day...

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