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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Favorite Season

Fall and spring are probably my favorite seasons now that I'm not living in season-less southern California.  And if it wasn't for the dread of the oncoming winter, I'd probably say fall wins.  But I have such a hard time enjoying fall because there's nothing to look forward to.  Well... there's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, soup season, etc.  But cold.  All of it cold.  At least in the spring I can look forward to a relaxing summer and try to forget how horribly hot it will be and how we won't be able to do any outdoor activities due to heat, humidity and mosquitoes.  So... even though the temperature is dropping, I'm not as happy about it as I wish I was because I know the temperature is just going to keep dropping ... and then the snow will fall.  Bleh.

What's your favorite season?  Least favorite season?


Alanna said...

I'm all about the summer time, but fall is starting to win me over here. The weather is usually quite nice, and after so much mugginess and humidity, it's awfully refreshing to have crisp air again! (Fall here is actually a lot like summer in Seattle, so I guess it makes sense that I can say I love summer and then admit that the weather in the fall is better...)

But I'm like you-- I dread winter so much, that trying to really enjoy fall is always bittersweet. Why does winter have to be so awful???

wendys said...

I love fall and spring. I love cool weather and wearing long sleeves and jeans.

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