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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Colors for Zena

Since I've mentioned a few of her books on the blog (here and here), I was contacted by Monica Wellington to see if I'd be interested in a copy of her new book to review.  It actually arrived in Ohio before we did!  If you are a regular, you know I love books.  You also know I have kids, love kids' books, and I homeschool our kids.

Ms. Wellington's other books that I am most familiar with involve food.  The focus of this one is colors as a little girl, Zena, goes on a walk and both discovers colors and new friends and creates new colors.

I love the book Dog's Colorful Day (mentioned in this birthday part post)Colors for Zena has a similar feel to it but starring a girl, and targeting a little older of an audience with the introduction of not just colors, but also the colors that can be created when you mix two other colors together. 

I love the artwork.  I tend to be attracted to picture books with much simpler artistic renderings.  I also love Wellington's use of colors.  The book starts in almost all black, white and gray and as she encounters a new color (example: yellow) that page is filled with yellow scenes.  Turning the page you meet red.  And even some polka dots on Zena's outfit (and dog!) change to the new color.  By the end of the book her outfit and dog are covered in polka dots of all the colors and she's created a colorful painting with her new friends: an orange lion, a green frog, and a purple dragon.  And at the very end, after the story has ended, there's a brief explanation and drawing of a color wheel, and some suggested activities that can be done with color.

A very cute book that any young child (or book loving adult) would enjoy to visit over and over again.  You can find it here and read more about it on Ms. Wellington's blog here.  Now that I've looked over some of the other books she's written, I think I'll be checking those out as well. 


wendys said...

I will have to check it out!

EmmaJ said...

This looks good. I think I might get it for Iris for Christmas.

EmmaJ said...

This looks good. I think I might get it for Iris for Christmas.

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