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We've moved!

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Monday, August 26, 2013


I think this is probably the longest lapse in blogging I've had since the blog began so many years ago. And a lot has happened. 

We're now residents of Ohio. We packed up everything we own and it magically fit onto the largest Penske truck you can rent (which it barely did when we moved in 2009 and in 2005 and we've only gained kids and stuff) and we moved to Ohio. I believe we are in western Ohio but my Ohio geography is still rather sub-par. 

Today was the first day of school for our kids and I'm realizing how ridiculous my earlier plan was. I'm not sure I'm going to have time to shower, let alone do anything else all day.

The boys (Buddy and Little Guy) are all settled into their room. It's actually the only room completely unpacked (except the giant Lego box in their closet). Princess Sparkley and Squirt are set up in her room but with a few glitches for being all the way finished. PS's loft bed needs a slight adjustment to the ladder so the box of it is on the floor which means her desk and cube storage system aren't under it so the bookshelf can't be where it's supposed to be so she's still living among half unpacked boxes bugging us to let her alphabetize the books on her shelf (even if it's casually leaning against the dresser in the middle of the room). Our living/school room is coming together nicely.  I just got the table cleared off so we can set up all the school supplies.  I'm not thinking about all our boxes of food and kitchen stuff yet.  Nor am I thinking about the garage that still has all the stuff we need to store away in the basement.  We'll get there.  And then it'll be time to pack up and move again. 


wendys said...

Wow moving is hard. I hope you start posting pictures of your new life!

delilas said...

We missed our pew buddies today.
Wish you a lot of luck where ever life takes you. I hope we run into each other again.

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