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Monday, May 20, 2013

Spoon Rest

I had a brilliant epiphany last night that puts all of my past baking years to shame.  Growing up, we always had a spoon rest next to the stove.  That's where my spoon rest is.  When I bake, I'm always scrambling for somewhere to put the scraper/spatula after I've used it in the mixing bowl and it usually ends up in the bowl I softened the butter in or on a scrap of paper towel, or just on the counter.  Last night, I realized I could use the spoon rest in this capacity.  How had I never figured this out before!?!?!?  Do you ever have "DUH!" moments while you're in the kitchen.


Alanna said...

I'm still trying to convince Craig to use the spoon rest at all. He always wants to just set stuff on the counter and leave sticky gloppy messes! I'm not sure why this is such a complicated idea... (In his defense, he is pretty good about cleaning up those messes, too. So I really can't complain!)

wendys said...

I need a spoon rest but I already have too much stuff on my counters.

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