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Monday, March 11, 2013

Grocery Shopping

A few years ago, we instituted legal and illegal family shopping days for the family in an effort to save money.  We've since abandoned that plan and then taken it a step further.  We're allowed to shop one day a week.  One BIG grocery trip in which my cart (and poor Mystery Baby) look like this. 

There are several downsides to this:
1. My cart is overflowing, sometimes requiring I use a second cart. :\
2. I have to be super organized about my week's menu.
3. I forget something, or it is out of stock and I have to make a tiny trip during the week.
4. It takes forever to get all this stuff.
5. It also takes forever to check out.
6. It's making me want to make multiple, shopping list specific trips.*
7. We run out of milk and bread each weekend.
8. Produce doesn't tend to last a week.

1. It's one trip a week and then it's done.  Usually.
2. It's easy to stick to a budget when all the shopping is happening right then.
3. Saving on gas.
4. Saving on those little extra purchases we'd be making on each grocery trip.

We've recently decided there needs to be a second shopping trip with summer nearing and us planning eating a lot more fruits and veggies. 

*A grocery trip.  A food storage trip.  And a household items trip.

1 comment:

Angela said...

That is super impressive. I've abandoned grocery shopping alone with my kids. They take up so much space and go so nuts it's not worth even going. I'm also terrible at judging what we will really eat in one week so we end up with tons of something spoiling and run out of other things. Furthermore I am also terrible at fixing a realistic budget. This is making me have poor self esteem, I better stop.

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