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Friday, March 29, 2013

Calming Down the Holidays

I'm just as guilty as Princess Sparkley when it comes to wanting to go overboard with holidays.  All holidays.  The difference is that I have limits.  And I know what are our actual traditions vs. what she thinks are our traditions.  Some how, this year, the kids all made leprechaun traps (they did last year as well) on their own and expected leprechauns and candy.  Because it was a tradition.  But it actually isn't.  Jed was nice and drew them all a leprechaun that their traps caught.  But all I did was make sure we all wore green and we had Irish pasties (hand pies) *for dinner (because I refuse to make/eat corned beef).

That being said, this article struck a chord: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kristen-howerton/can-we-bring-the-holidays_b_2903040.html

And now with Easter approaching, I'm hoping we can keep things calm, simple and Christ-centered.  Here are some ideas for Easter that hopefully keep it focuses not on the Easter bunny, but also don't make it even busier than it needs to be.

Our hometeacher from church shared these Easter eggs scriptures with us last night (Thanks, Alanna!).

Similar to this idea.


This book about focusing on Christ for Easter looks neat.

And we've been celebrating Passover following the guidelines in this book for several years now.

*Alexia Oven Reds are DELICIOUS!


Alanna said...

I was reading your post thinking I really need to work on making Easter more focused on Christ in our home, and then was pleasantly surprised by your shout-out and how I looked more spiritual than I feel! Funny how that goes... I LOVED that article on toning down the holidays-- I really just can't be bothered to do a lot of the stuff people do (like making all green meals for St. Patrick's day???), so I always feel like my more kids are growing up in the lamest household ever. But I don't care enough to try harder, so I think everyone else should just tone it down so I don't look so bad!

Alanna said...

P.S. Craig is offended that I got the shout-out for the Easter eggs instead of him. But the truth is that my friend made them and sent them to me, so really neither of us is very spiritual, I guess...

benniegirl said...

I read that article on toning down the holidays & was surprised-I didn't even realize how crazy every holiday HAS gotten. I'll be honest-I probably go overboard. Last year, I held a LEAP YEAR PARTY for my kids even. We celebrate most things inexpensively so I think of it as cheap entertainment but this really gives me food for thought-I don't want to raise my kids to have crazy expectations. I don't do leprechauns or Christmas elves though. I think Pinterest & other social media have contributed to overdoing things. They are useful in so many ways but if you spend very much time on them, you start to feel like you're falling behind when the truth is that most things are just overdone.

Kristi said...

We had the sister missionaries over on Easter. They brought a set of the Easter Eggs and scriptures with them and gave them to us at the end of the lesson. It really helped bring us back to the focus on Christ.

Holidays are fun. Sometimes we go all out and sometimes hardly even acknowledge it! We did nothing for St. Patrick's day this year. No green clothes, no green food, and no pinches for neglecting it all.

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