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Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Week

I feel like this week will be much calmer than last week, minus three doctor appointments for Little Guy and a birthday party.   Here's what's on the schedule:


-a bunch of church stuff and meetings (dealing with my new calling in the Young Women's presidency)
-update family blog

-school, chores, clean-up (repeat daily)
-basically get back to a normal but uber-productive way of life

- homeschool book club (which I am in charge of)
-grocery trip
-Activity Days, Cub Scouts, Beehive activity

-something for Valentine's Day
-the older two kids have a cooking class at night

-spelling tests
-call two relatives for birthdays
-skip the homeschool Valentine Party

-clean the church
-bake Mystery Baby a half-birthday cake

 -Throughout the week, I need to be working on my reading, journal writing, writing, blogging, etc. Etc. Etc.   Oh, and caring for, teaching, picking up after and feeding a bunch of other people.  I feel a bit like Bella in Notting Hill when she says, "And to add insult to serious injury -- I've totally given up smoking, my favourite thing..."  I'm not sure I have time to read this stack of books.  Not to mention the ones I have on hold at the library.  And the ones on the Kindle waiting for me.

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