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Monday, February 25, 2013

Banned Words

What words are banned at your house?  And I'm not talking the actual swear words.  I'm not even talking about words that are just bad in your family (ie: we couldn't say "butt" in my family growing up).  I'm speaking of those obnoxious phrases, whines, complaints that your kids say that you just can't handle hearing anymore. 

Here are the banned phrases at our house:

1) "That's not fair."  Or, any use of the word fair when used in comparison to what a sibling or parent is getting that they aren't.

2) "Actually..." This is usually followed by some smart alecky correction about how the parent is wrong and the kid is thus going to correct them in the middle of getting in trouble for something else.  Basically, it's pointing out that they are right for no reason.

3) "One minute."  This is said to me anytime I ask a kid to do something for me.  I don't have "one minute" to wait for them to finish playing with Legos, or whatever, I need them to do what I've asked them to do for me right exactly now.

What words/phrases are banned at your house?


wendys said...

Calling each other stupid. They can call toys stupid though.

The list is so long but my tired brain can't think of any more!

Alanna said...

We haven't quite gotten to that stage yet, but I like your list. I think I will plan on banning those as my kids get older and start using them! So far we mostly just try to avoid the word "hate."

Growing up, we weren't allowed to use "butt" either! My mom still hates that word! But somehow telling sex jokes is totally okay. Craig thinks this makes my family weird.

Vangie said...

We have so many - I don't think I could list them all here!

We are trying to get the girls to stop eye rolling. Juris picked this up at school and it is TERRIBLE! Once Jada saw her do it, she started doing it too.

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