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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Name Dropping

I thought I'd already written a post about my loose connections to semi-famous people, but I can't find it.  So I thought about writing a new one with my recent discovery, and Jed beat me to it with his post.

Famous people I've met:
-Matthew Perry
-D.B. Sweeney
-Ron Wilson
-Ryan Francis
-Barry Melrose

It was 1993- ish and they were all at the top of their game.  Friends was huge.  Sweeney, well, we didn't know who he was but he was super nice.  Wilson and Melrose were the current hockey coaches for the Ducks and the Kings.  And Ryan Francis was the cute teenager on the tv show Sisters.

With my high school BFFS Jenny and Julie.  Ryan Francis.

Jenny, Barry Melrose, me

Now, for famous people I have weird connections to.

Justin Cash, not super famous, but you can currently buy his cd at Desseret Book (and Amazon.com and iTunes).  He was a good friend of mine at BYU.  It's super fun to see his cd in the Deseret Book catalog that came in the mail and at a church bookstore.

Now for the stretches, the older brother of the lead singer for Imagine Dragons was in my freshman ward at BYU (actually lived on the same floor of DT as Justin Cash).  Didn't really know him well, but immediately put together a Mormon kid with the last name Reynolds from Las Vegas as the lead singer of Imagine Dragons with the kid from my ward, and I was right.

Neon Trees.  No connection whatsoever, but they are also Mormon.  And if I'm doing crazy jumps like that, so is Brandon Flowers from The Killers.  It seems like there was another stretchy connection, but I should stop while I'm ahead, except I think I'm already behind.  I like connections that remind me it's a small world.

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wendys said...

I know nobody. But now I can say my friend Nancy knows some famous people....

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