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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Moustache Party

Jed's birthday falls two days after Christmas and on Christmas Eve or so, he decided we should invite some friends over for a little party.  I already knew his birthday theme* was either going to be moustaches or the moustache pig from Angry Birds, so we settled on moustaches and invited a few families over to have cake with us.  Had I had a few days warning (and days that didn't fall over Christmas) maybe I would have gone a little more crazy with the moustache theme**.  As is was, the kids used glass markers to draw moustaches on our glass door.  I bought moustache stickers to put on our cake plates.  And I made a moustache cake (idea from here).

*Yes, I've apparently raised my kids (at least Princess Sparkley) to believe that all birthdays have themes... even when we aren't having a party. 

** A little more crazy = pin the moustache on something, moustache stickers on cups, moustache cut outs on straws, moustache sugar cookies, some sort of name the famous moustache game like this, maybe all the guests would have had to wear moustaches.  Etc. Etc.

1 comment:

wendys said...

awesome theme! Tiffany just gave this tie tack to Ian, he loves it! http://shoptrendyties.com/shop/mr-mustache-tie-tack/

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