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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Homemade Christmas

This year we decided that the kids should make gifts for the family (except they re-gifted old baby toys to Mystery Baby, and he got to buy them stuff).  It seems like it really helped them focus on giving this year rather than everything they wanted to get.  

Here's the gift round-up:

To Mom From Buddy - Recipe Card Holder (via Cub Scout handbook)

To Mom From Princess Sparkley - pin cushion for the arm of my sewing machine (from here)

To Dad From Buddy - He framed a tatted snowflake made by Jed's great grandma.

To Jed From Mystery Baby - we added the mustache and "My Stache" vinyl to his money jar.

To Dad From Little Guy - a map showing where all our loved ones live.

To Little Guy From Princess Sparkley

To Princess Sparkley From Little Guy and To Mom From Little Guy - hair ties (idea here, purchases supplies here)

To Little Guy From Buddy 

We bought an $8 hooded sweatshirt at Kohl, 1/8 of a yard of orange flannel and some interfacing. and then using this tutorial, cut, sewed and ironed triangles onto the sweatshirt to look like a dinosaur.
To Princess Sparkley From Buddy - bobby pins painted with nail polish (idea here)

To Buddy From Princess Sparkley - pillowcase

To Buddy From Little Guy - Lego head (out of a baby food jar) pencil holder (idea here)

To Dad From Princess Sparkley - A map curtain for his office window


Erin said...

These are such great gifts. I think I might have to pin it!

wendys said...

I love those ideas. I am going to have to make those lego jars, I have a ton of baby food jars.

Angela said...

These are way better than our homemade gifts from childhood!

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