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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Ahead... Or Not

I can not get ahead this week.  I feel like I spent an entire day doing laundry and cleaning the living room to which Jed remarked, that's sad because it isn't really noticeable.  (To his credit, my desk was and is still a disaster and the cleaning and been stuff like sweeping, vacuuming the rug and vacuuming up dust bunnies, undecorating from birthdays and decorating for Valentine's Day).  My desk is a huge mess.  And now the kids think they get to add to the piles.  The laundry basket is a tower of clean clothes waiting to get folded and put away . . . again.  The pile of dirty laundry is growing.  I'm only 50% through with the book for my book club tonight.  The living room is all cluttered again.  And the pile of stuff I need to return to stores is getting bigger and bigger (the wrong formula, the wrong pen refills, a phone screen protector we changed our minds about, a pair of jeans that are the wrong size).  My sewing list is mostly repairs (so not fun) and ridiculously long.  My stack of library books is coming due before I get around to reading them. 

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