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Saturday, December 29, 2012

"The Last Brownie"

I'm just going to complain for a minute. 

We took our first road trip with the new car and the new baby.  Mystery Baby SCREAMS on even the shortest car trip, so we were crossing our fingers that we'd arrive with our sanity and our hearing intact.  He did fabulously!  Seriously, he's gotten so much better in just the past few weeks and while he still has his moments, we've gotten much better also at helping him fall asleep in the car (the screaming is always when he's tired and fighting sleep). 

The car... the car got a cracked windshield.  A rock or something kicked up from the car in front of us somewhere in Pennsylvania.  We had our old car for ten years and with all the other problems it had, it never got a nick or crack in the windshield.  We've owned this car four months.  We called around and the crack is 7 1/2 inches which means it can't be repaired and has to be replaced.  Awesome.  (Sarcasm.) 

I was also looking forward to Mystery Baby having his own bedroom on this trip so we could let him scream it out some at night.  He doesn't need to wake up in the middle of the night anymore, but still does.  He only sleeps swaddled up in a SwaddleMe baby straight jacket.  Otherwise the second I put him in his crib, he yanks his binky out and starts screaming.  You are supposed to stop using the swaddling things when the baby can roll over.  Until this trip, he never tried to roll over in his crib or in the SwaddleMe. We've spent the last two weeks cutting out middle of the night feedings and putting him in bed slightly awake so he gets better at soothing himself to sleep.  Last night he immediately rolled over in bed every chance he got, and while he *can* roll back over, he rarely does.  He just screams until someone comes to rescue him and roll him back onto his back, which I had to do a bunch last night.  Luckily I finally got him to sleep without the SwaddleMe and we both got some rest.  Add to all of this that I have a cold and it's winter.  So while I'm nice and toasty cuddled up in bed, every time I get up with him I'm freezing again.  And I had a runny nose and a pounding headache. 

Okay, complaining over.  I think.   

Good things.  Mystery Baby was awesome on the trip.  I had a super yummy hamburger at a Bob Evans restaurant. (I LOVE restaurant hamburgers!)  We beat the snow.  The roads were great.  We managed the entire trip with minimal eating in the car so our car stays nice.  Jed gets to watch Premier League soccer on the big screen.  

*Title taken from Notting Hill, where I believe the full quote is, "Surely that's worth the last brownie" when everyone is sitting around comparing how sad their pathetic lives are trying to earn the last brownie and Julia Roberts (playing a movie star) tries for it.


Alanna said...

Insurance companies really don't like you driving around with cracked windshields, so there's a decent chance that they'll just pay for it rather than risk you not taking care of the problem. Definitely call and ask!

Good luck with Screamapillar (I know that's Brandon's nickname, but I find it too hilarious to not use!)!

Angela said...

I hate being a grown up. All I do is dream about sleeping forever, winning the lottery, and a clean house. Much different from the hot guys I used to daydream about.

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