"Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of. but do it in private
and wash your hands afterwards." --Robert Heinlein.

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Friday, December 14, 2012


Jed and I tend to be private people who keep things (even things other people blab left and right about) to ourselves.  "But you have blogs," you laugh.  Yes, we have blogs.  But I still feel that we are generally private people.  In person and online. 

We secretly chuckle every time someone tells us of a lofty life goal that seems completely unattainable, but I think, on the inside, we're a little bit envious that they can just be so out there with their goals.  Regardless of failure.  We (and I keep saying we, but I can't really speak for Jed, so read "I") are too fearful of failure to be out there with our goals and life ambitions. 

The Split is... I can't decide which is better.  Should we be so pompous (not that any of you are, I would just feel that way) with our ambitions and declare them to the world, sure of our success.  Or are we wise to keep things to ourselves until we are assured of a successful outcome, at which point, we can then blab left and right about it feeling no embarrassment because the outcome is already known and positive.


Alanna said...

Reading the title and the first sentence of this post, I totally thought you were announcing that you were getting divorced. Sheesh-- don't freak me out like that!!!

I'm with you on stuff like this (although I'm probably more prone to oversharing than not). What bothers me more is when people announce their grand plans for their lives, and if they aren't necessarily people that I love, and then those plans don't ever happen, some evil part of me seems to want to snicker in delight. I hate that there's a side of me like that. And I hate that other people bragging tends to bring it out.

But I guess that's really my problem, not theirs.

As far as hopes and dreams go, I'm more likely to share. But I'm less likely to want to tell people every little nice thing Craig ever does for me so I can brag about my awesome husband to others. I have this crazy competitive streak that WANTS to share those things, just to brag. But I find people who do that so annoying that I try my darnedest to keep that side of me under wraps.

So now you know two awful things about me! What's that about oversharing...?

wendys said...

I find I am pretty private as far as my blog goes. I keep it pretty general.

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