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Friday, November 30, 2012

When Did People Become so Rude?

I'm getting old. I'm super annoyed by how everyone behaves in public thinking things like, "back in the day the customer was always right" and such.

Today I was at Aldi* where there is always only the one register open.  It's Friday and I was there just after 5 PM so there's a crowd.  There's a lady at the front of the line with an entire grocery cart full of stuff.  Full.  It was going pretty quickly because Aldi is probably the only store that still trains their checkers (plus they don't have to bag anything, they just throw it in the cart).  The lady who was second in like asked the clerk if she could get another clerk to open a new check stand.  Our clerk actually had to walk away to a different part of the store to accomplish this.  While there, she quietly said from the other check stand, "she'll take the next person in line here."  Our clerk returned to her check stand and we waited a few minutes to see if another clerk was actually coming quickly.  When I say we, I mean the 2nd, 3rd (me), 4th, 5th and 6th people in line.  Person number seven walked over to the new check stand and starting loading her items on the belt.  I'm used to person number three maybe doing this... they are almost next, person number two might stick around at the current register.  But person seven!  I couldn't believe the audacity of her. 

And that's how I know I'm getting old and society is falling apart.  The end.

*Please please please do not refer to this store as Aldis or Aldi's.  My brother-in-law will punch you in the nose, and this is one of these that actually really bugs me as well.  I can tolerate Penney's vs. JCPenney, but not Aldi's.  It makes me think less of you. ;)


Angela said...

I am getting to be the exact same way, and I am old enough now that I don't care what people think of me. So what happens is I end up just saying, or yelling out my window, something to rude people. It's a dangerous combination and probably I am going to get shot one day.

LisAway said...

This is the norm in Poland. The last person in line races to get to the newly opened checkout stand. Every single time. To the point that I don't even think about it any more. But it used to drive me crazy.

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