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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Blog Collage of Randomness

Voted this morning.  Waited in like for about an hour and 15 minutes.  Excited to see so many people out and voting.  Sad to see people turning away due to the wait.  Secretly hoping that everyone leaving was in favor of the other guy while hoping that everyone in line is in favor of my guy.  I'm not sure I like an election where you can *almost* pick who a person is going to vote for based on their appearance. That stressed me out a bit waiting in line as well.  I didn't vote for President Obama four years ago or today, but I was sort of excited to be here to see a black president.  I'm not happy with people who are supporting him with his blackness as his only qualification.  But off that rant...
I'm a little stressed out about dishonesty in the election process.  As much as I've wanted to remove Obama signs from the neighborhood, I haven't.  I hate reading the news today and seeing that illegal immigrants are being encouraged to vote by certain parties.  Seeing that poll workers (who I'm trusting to be honest and unbiased while working) are being dishonest.  Stressed.  Out.  Jed's already researched jobs in New Zealand...
Saw four neighbors in line (EJ from church with her three kids in tow, JR from church, PH from next door, and the mom, daughter and granddaughter from two days down that had the granddaughter born the day before Mystery Baby).  I don't think I've ever run into neighbors (let alone anyone I knew) while voting.
This was my fourth presidential election. 
We finally got our homeschool year organized yesterday (sort of).  I know, I know, it's November.  We've been working on school stuff each day, but with a new baby showing up in mid-August, we just weren't as organized as I wanted to be.  We are now (sort of).  I don't think we'll ever reach full organization, but such is life.
The kids are working on Christmas lists. 
I'm wondering how to keep the house clean and school organized.
I did laundry Friday and Saturday and I'm pretty sure there is just as much to do all over again. On Tuesday.  Adding a sixth person to the mix didn't help things, but then throw in winter clothes so everything is pants and long-sleeved shirts and lots of socks instead of short-sleeved tees and shorts with no socks, not helpful.


Alanna said...

I'm totally afraid of voter fraud, too. If America chooses the other guy then I'm sad for our country, but if anyone wins by destroying our democracy, then I don't know where to turn.

wendys said...

Based on my appearance, who did I vote for?

I don't think that our democracy is in danger no matter who wins. Even if it is Rocky Anderson. (he was on Idaho's ballot)

benniegirl said...

It's hard not to be extremely emotionally invested in this election. We've had many months to prepare, been through ups & downs with outcome possibilities, and the results are already in. Some people feel like everything paid off and I feel confused (what kind of people voted for the guy?)& depressed. I have FB friends gloating, which feels worse than all the political propaganda put together in the last year. Sorry for using your blog to rant.
Congrats on managing so many things-new baby, household, homeschooling...no normal person ever gets laundry under control long-term. We just need disposable clothing. :)

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