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and wash your hands afterwards." --Robert Heinlein.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

When Did People Become so Rude?

I'm getting old. I'm super annoyed by how everyone behaves in public thinking things like, "back in the day the customer was always right" and such.

Today I was at Aldi* where there is always only the one register open.  It's Friday and I was there just after 5 PM so there's a crowd.  There's a lady at the front of the line with an entire grocery cart full of stuff.  Full.  It was going pretty quickly because Aldi is probably the only store that still trains their checkers (plus they don't have to bag anything, they just throw it in the cart).  The lady who was second in like asked the clerk if she could get another clerk to open a new check stand.  Our clerk actually had to walk away to a different part of the store to accomplish this.  While there, she quietly said from the other check stand, "she'll take the next person in line here."  Our clerk returned to her check stand and we waited a few minutes to see if another clerk was actually coming quickly.  When I say we, I mean the 2nd, 3rd (me), 4th, 5th and 6th people in line.  Person number seven walked over to the new check stand and starting loading her items on the belt.  I'm used to person number three maybe doing this... they are almost next, person number two might stick around at the current register.  But person seven!  I couldn't believe the audacity of her. 

And that's how I know I'm getting old and society is falling apart.  The end.

*Please please please do not refer to this store as Aldis or Aldi's.  My brother-in-law will punch you in the nose, and this is one of these that actually really bugs me as well.  I can tolerate Penney's vs. JCPenney, but not Aldi's.  It makes me think less of you. ;)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Jed and I were just comparing how many page views a day our blogs get.  Because there are only like three of you who comment, I started thinking that only about six people read my blog.  Then I looked at the numbers.  Ahh!  In the past week, there was a day when 95 people looked at my blog.  Ninety-five!  That freaked me out a bit because I sort of stopped caring what I wrote about figuring only six of you are reading it anyway.  I should be more diligent about posting and making them good.  THEN I realized that it's "page views," not necessarily the most recent post I've written.  So really, a bunch of strangers are checking out Princess Sparkley's awesome Nancy Drew birthday party. 

But I should be better about blogging.  I used to try to post something at least five days a week feeling like I had to keep posting regularly so you'd keep stopping by the blog.  I stopped when I realized everyone was just reading my posts in Google Reader (or a similar program) like I read blog posts, and Google Reader lets you know when there's a new post. 

I'll try to think of some great things to post about, but right now, the two and a half month old and our super organized/involved homeschool year that started Monday are doing me in...

45 degrees

Today's high was 45 degrees.  Some of us wore winter coats.  I can't believe I used to wear flip flops in college in Utah if it was above 40.  Brrr. 

This cold weather has made me stop and realize that it's November.  November 7th.  Thanksgiving is in two weeks.  Christmas is in just under seven weeks.  Where have the past few months gone!?!  It all sneaked up on me.  I'll blame Halloween being on the 31st, then all of a sudden it turns to November when I'm not even paying attention.

Belated Happy Halloween

It's a little late, but I realized I never posted our Halloween picture with all FOUR kids.  Here you go:

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Blog Collage of Randomness

Voted this morning.  Waited in like for about an hour and 15 minutes.  Excited to see so many people out and voting.  Sad to see people turning away due to the wait.  Secretly hoping that everyone leaving was in favor of the other guy while hoping that everyone in line is in favor of my guy.  I'm not sure I like an election where you can *almost* pick who a person is going to vote for based on their appearance. That stressed me out a bit waiting in line as well.  I didn't vote for President Obama four years ago or today, but I was sort of excited to be here to see a black president.  I'm not happy with people who are supporting him with his blackness as his only qualification.  But off that rant...
I'm a little stressed out about dishonesty in the election process.  As much as I've wanted to remove Obama signs from the neighborhood, I haven't.  I hate reading the news today and seeing that illegal immigrants are being encouraged to vote by certain parties.  Seeing that poll workers (who I'm trusting to be honest and unbiased while working) are being dishonest.  Stressed.  Out.  Jed's already researched jobs in New Zealand...
Saw four neighbors in line (EJ from church with her three kids in tow, JR from church, PH from next door, and the mom, daughter and granddaughter from two days down that had the granddaughter born the day before Mystery Baby).  I don't think I've ever run into neighbors (let alone anyone I knew) while voting.
This was my fourth presidential election. 
We finally got our homeschool year organized yesterday (sort of).  I know, I know, it's November.  We've been working on school stuff each day, but with a new baby showing up in mid-August, we just weren't as organized as I wanted to be.  We are now (sort of).  I don't think we'll ever reach full organization, but such is life.
The kids are working on Christmas lists. 
I'm wondering how to keep the house clean and school organized.
I did laundry Friday and Saturday and I'm pretty sure there is just as much to do all over again. On Tuesday.  Adding a sixth person to the mix didn't help things, but then throw in winter clothes so everything is pants and long-sleeved shirts and lots of socks instead of short-sleeved tees and shorts with no socks, not helpful.
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