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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My Political Rant for this Election Season

I try to keep this politics free.  I actually probably keep my life more politics free than I should.  I have Jed's extreme interest in politics to rein me back in now and then though, so I guess I balance out.
Here's my rant:
I'm all for the third party candidate option.  Sometimes you need to let candidates one and two know you aren't happy with either of them.  Jed is typically more in favor of candidate three than candidates one or two.  But in this situation, when we need so desperately to elect (in my opinion) a candidate and the election is going to be close (especially in my swing state), please please please do not waste your vote on the third candidate.  No matter who you are supporting, vote for one or two, who have a chance of winning, rather than three, to make a point.  This has always been my stance (I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger* governor of California in 2003, much to Jed's disappointment- he voted for candidate #3). 
I have a "friend" on Facebook right now who is not old enough to vote, but it strongly encouraging his large entourage of Facebook "friends" to vote for #3.  I can't rant about it on Facebook, because really, I shouldn't pick on a teenager.  So I'm ranting about it here. 
Forgive my political rant.  Be involved.  Vote.
*I got the spelling right even before I checked it online!


Alanna said...

I agree with you. In fact, I usually tend to think that voting for the 3rd guy is mostly just wasting your vote. The only time I ever did that was during last election's primaries when it was pretty much going to be McCain, and I voted for Romney even though he was out just because I couldn't bear to vote for McCain just yet.

But I will also admit that when people say they just can't vote for Obama (even though they hate Romney) and thus will be voting for the 3rd guy (like in this article http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/09/why-i-refuse-to-vote-for-barack-obama/262861/), I sort of want to do a happy dance!

Myk said...

I'm all for 3rd party voting (though I am voting for Romney because he is a moral upstanding man, which I think is the most important quality to pick in a candidate).

benniegirl said...

I love this post! I often vote for the 3rd guy or sometimes do write-ins when I just can't bear to vote for the main people. I feel like I have a more clear conscience that way, knowing I didn't vote for somebody I didn't really believe in. I wasn't an instant Romney fan but I did feel so strongly that NOT voting for him would just strengthen Obama's chances. It's the first time I really feel like it's too close to mess with. I vote by mail and just mailed our ballots in today. :) I also like this post because I voted for Schwarzenegger, too, and we only lived in Cali for 2 years. Regardless of what a mess he is in his personal life, I was actually quite happy with him as a governor.

Angela said...

I have a ton of old student fb friends who are now in college and say the dumbest political things. It makes me so bugged.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I take exception with your characterization of Tom McClintock as Bachelor #3, when it was obviously Schwartzenegger who was. McClintock was a Republican state senator, Cruz Bustamante was a Democrat lieutenant governor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was an actor. Which guy is REALLY Bachelor #3?

Nance said...

Maybe McClintock was candidate #2, but the obvious "he's going to win" Republican candidate was Aaaarrrnold.

Besides, Reagan was an actor and he's your favorite president.

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