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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

With the preparations all of my Facebook friends were making and all the talk on the news and weather websites, I started getting nervous about Hurricane Sandy.  Then the storm approached and it never seemed to rain especially hard, just constantly.  Monday night the winds really picked up, but we've lived in Kansas and we grew up in California where Santa Ana winds are big and strong this time of year.  It didn't seem especially unique, just a bad storm, not a hurricane.  Tuesday morning we drove down to Richmond so we could Trick or Treat with the cousins on Wednesday.  I logged into Facebook and saw the pictures some different people from our ward posted of the field where the kids play soccer.  It's a giant lake!  The smallish river at the edge of the field over ran its banks and the soccer fields are sort of a flood basin.  The result:

There shouldn't be any water in these pictures.  All the water is flooding what should be an enormous soccer field with at least 10 or more fields.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Trunk or Treat

Poor fourth child, it's a good thing today was just the Trunk or Treat and not the real Halloween because I completely forgot to get a picture of Mystery Baby in his costume.  He's wearing Princess Sparkley's Sweet Pea costume, but we're calling him a Green Bean so it's more masculine.  I'm excited that I'll get to buy/make him new costumes in the future because age wise at Halloween time, he only really lines up with PS and he can't be a peacock, Cinderella, a fancy ladybug or a fancy bumble bee without it being a little embarrassing. 

Angry Bomb Bird, Soccer Referee, US Olympic Gymnast (idea from here)

McKayla is not impressed (here)

*We did a great job (sarcasm) dressing our kids appropriately for trick or treating in the dark.  All black, awesome. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Remember this post about how I was going to get fit?  Then my parents came to town and the walking stopped (other than walking the soccer field, the baby, or some DC/zoo walking), the treat, candy and soda policy flew out the window and now they are gone and I weighed myself on our new scale for the first time in two weeks today.  Bleh.  Here's to new beginnings (which will be ruined by Halloween next week and a trip to Jed's sister's house).  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Internal Timer

Sometimes I'm impressed with my internal timer. When I all of a sudden panic because the timer hasn't gone off and I show up to find less than a minute remaining.
Sometimes it doesn't work and I forget to set a timer, or I'm forced to use my microwave timer (which only beeps once), causing me to burn whatever I'm cooking.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blessing Day

Here's Mystery Baby on his blessing day.  

In other exciting news, my parents are in town and we drove on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park yesterday and actually saw a bear.  Well, of the seven people in the car, four of us saw the bear.  Princess Sparkley, Little Guy and Mystery Baby didn't and by the time we turned around and drove back past, he was too far in the brush to see anymore.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My Political Rant for this Election Season

I try to keep this politics free.  I actually probably keep my life more politics free than I should.  I have Jed's extreme interest in politics to rein me back in now and then though, so I guess I balance out.
Here's my rant:
I'm all for the third party candidate option.  Sometimes you need to let candidates one and two know you aren't happy with either of them.  Jed is typically more in favor of candidate three than candidates one or two.  But in this situation, when we need so desperately to elect (in my opinion) a candidate and the election is going to be close (especially in my swing state), please please please do not waste your vote on the third candidate.  No matter who you are supporting, vote for one or two, who have a chance of winning, rather than three, to make a point.  This has always been my stance (I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger* governor of California in 2003, much to Jed's disappointment- he voted for candidate #3). 
I have a "friend" on Facebook right now who is not old enough to vote, but it strongly encouraging his large entourage of Facebook "friends" to vote for #3.  I can't rant about it on Facebook, because really, I shouldn't pick on a teenager.  So I'm ranting about it here. 
Forgive my political rant.  Be involved.  Vote.
*I got the spelling right even before I checked it online!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Health and Fitness

I decided I needed to make up some rules for myself in order to fit back into more than two pairs of pre-pregnancy pants that aren't stretchy.

1. No soda.
2. Treats on weekends only.  And Family Night.*
3. Walk 3-4 days per week.
4. Eat healthier meals.
5. Don't overeat.  No seconds.
6. No candy.  (Exception, Halloween).**

After I made this list I realized this is a bad time of year for cutting back on stuff.  My parents are visiting, followed by Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  These holidays are not solely about food, but, they sort of are.  Especially for me.

*Don't laugh at my rules.  I know my weaknesses and I know I can't completely cut treats out of my diet.

**I also know I'm going to eat some Halloween candy.  Probably a lot of it.  BUT, I won't buy my favorite candies to hand out and that will insure I don't just eat bags and bags of these.
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