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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This is how much I love treats.  And how giant my sweet tooth is. 

Example 1:

The other night Jed's phone rang twice and those two rings did in the low battery.  It was a Sunday, so it was either family, or someone from church.  Typically, family will call the other cell phone if we don't answer the first.  Mine didn't ring, signifying to me it was probably someone from church.  I hurried to get Jed's charger.  He told me I didn't need to, he'd plug it in when we went to bed.  I still got the charger.  My reasoning, what if someone wanted to bring us cookies!?!  It turned out it was our home teacher (from church) wanting to know if he could visit with us next Sunday.  Not if he could bring us treats.  BUT, to his credit, he'd already brought us cupcakes earlier in the week.

Example 2:

In welcoming everyone to church on Sunday, the bishopric member said something that made me think of the members of our congregation who haven't been to church in awhile and how we should let them know we miss them, etc.  Which, reminded me of our ward in Kansas when the ward members were worried about a guy in the ward who hadn't come in awhile and people were volunteering to drop off cookies and brownies to let him know he was missed.  Jed's response at the time was, "no one's bringing us treats!"  And something along the lines of maybe we should skip church for awhile so everyone spoils us with goodies.  Jokingly.  Sort of.  That's how I felt on Sunday, which is the wrong attitude.  I should be thinking of people I should be sharing the love with, not trying to score more goodies.  Especially since we just had a baby and people from church have been bringing us yummy meals, cupcakes and ice cream already. 

But really, what it comes down to is I LOVE TREATS.  And we'd already eaten all the frozen cookie dough and all the chocolate chips (AND they were semi-sweet, of which I am not a fan).  Not to worry, we stocked up on chocolate chips this week and I made a batch of cookies and froze half the dough.  Hopefully we'll survive and not have to start skipping church in order to get treats. 


Angela said...

I'm always scheming to get more treats.

wendys said...

If I lived closer I would bring you treats. I made cookies for a girl I VT and her husband said, "just so you know she doesn't eat sweets very much so anything you bring over I will be eating." So I am done baking for them!

EmmaJ said...

Would you like me to bring you some cake tomorrow?

benniegirl said...

When we lived in California, about every 3 months, our RS presidency would bring a spread of goodies and tell everybody to get a plate of food so before the lesson. It made me REALLY REALLY think the church is true. :)

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