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Friday, September 21, 2012

Teaching Himself

Little Guy is basically running his own Kindergarten*.  He already knew how to read and now he's taken the initiative for the rest of his education. 

He knows I won't say yes to a movie or anything like that until he's done with school, so, instead of disappearing like the other kids do when when I'm busy with Mystery Baby, he finds school stuff to do. 

He worked his way through two first grade phonics readers this week.  Normally he reads them with Jed but Jed wasn't around and he decided to read them all without Dad.  Then he brings me his workbooks, asks me to read the directions (it's only a matter of time before he realizes he could read these to himself and cut out the middle man) and then goes and does workbook pages.  Yesterday he was practicing spelling the words on an ABC flip chart I'd gotten out to help him remember what some of the lower case letters looked like.  And two different days last week he brought a Bible down from his bedroom, randomly selected a couple of verses to read, read them, and then took the Bible back upstairs. 

A few days ago, Princess Sparkley ran upstairs exclaiming this, "[Little Guy] is SO smart.  He knows the whole Pledge of Allegiance just from us helping [Buddy] learn it for Scouts!"

If only all the kids were this motivated....

*He won't be five until January, but since he is a child genius**, we started him on Kindergarten stuff this school year.

**I'm not trying to be snooty and braggy about my kid.  And I'm trying to be humorous with the "child genius" comment.  Like all parents, I think my kids are smart.  But with Little Guy, I'm really really in awe of what his little brain is capable of.  And I feel like Jed and I can only take minimal credit (other than DNA).


wendys said...

I have just realized I have way over prepared Eliza for Kindergarten. This month they are working on 3 letters and two sight words. Eliza has been reading for months now and she thinks it is all too easy! But i will keep reading with her at home anyways.

p.s. your word verification hates me.

Angela said...

I hope my kids are like that!

Kristi said...

That's awesome. Smart and motivated- that's a winning combo. Have fun watching it happen!

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