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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Mystery Baby's social security card and birth certificate came in the mail today.  Princess Sparkley was intrigued by the social security card and wondered if she'd had to sign hers.  I explained that it would be the same card she had until she changed her name (assuming she changes her name when she gets married, and assuming she gets married) so it was probably best to wait until she had a grown-up signature to sign it.

Then I thought about my own signature.  I reworked it when Jed and I were engaged because I wanted one that was less legible.  Mine was too neat, I thought.  Then I thought over the past few weeks and the crazy signatures I've been forced to render practically under duress.

First, while in labor and battling contractions, I had to sign a billion different hospital forms (and answer a bunch of questions).  Result, barely legible scribbles.

Second, while feeding Mystery Baby a bottle at the car dealership, a ton of one handed awkward scribbles finalizing the purchase of our new car.

Third, in the ER (I'm okay) with an IV hooked into me and exhaustion setting in at 5AM.

So, I guess pre-married me got my wish, I now have a signature that is not nearly as legible as it once was.  And it's just getting worse.  Before I know it, it'll look like Jed's (who strangely has THE nicest printing I've ever seen) or my brother's (whose signature is an R followed by a wavy line).


Alanna said...

Okay, you and Brandon have both hinted at this ER visit. Do we get details? Are you sure we shouldn't be worried? Is someone at least bringing you guys dinners and everything???

wendys said...

Yea really you can't just let that be a side note... hope you are doing ok!

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