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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Part of Our History

It's really strange how much September 11th has become part of our lives.  When it happened, eleven years ago, we had no children.  I remember being over dramatic about how we were going to teach our kids about this without instilling a sense of fear in them.  We even tip toed around the subject when Princess Sparkley and Buddy were little.  But it isn't something we've had to avoid.  It isn't something we've had to sit them down to talk to about.  It hasn't been the big deal I envisioned it being.  It's just something horrible that happened.  And they are, in a sense, removed from it like I'm removed from World War II even though my parents can remember the terror of that war.  I guess I like them being a little removed from it, it allows them to feel some sorrow without the fear.  When we do talk about it, it's because it just comes up in every day life.  Luckily we are able to explain it with the proper amount of respect and reverence for those who lost their lives without dwelling on the horrible people that made it happen.  It's sad to have to let our children know that there really are bad people in the world (last night we had to explain that Hitler purposely killed all the Jewish people in Germany and surrounding countries, again, not a history lesson, just a way of explaining why Jews started regrouping in Jerusalem after World War II because it all came up while reading the scriptures together).  I guess what I'm happy about is that our kids know about the memorial of it all, and not the fear.  It's not a taboo subject, like it was in books and movies when it first happened.  It's talked about and discussed and still with the proper frame of mind that it deserves. 

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wendys said...

I realized we are more open with our kids about difficult subjects than some people. For instance we told Ian that his aunt had to put his cousin's dog down. But we didn't know that they told the cousins that he went to a different family and so Ian then went and told them the truth. Yikes.

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