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Monday, September 10, 2012

Not Fooling Me

I am Facebook friends with someone who is really just an acquaintance from several years ago.  This person is living the life of everyone described in the book I'm reading Slouching Toward Adulthood.  This person is constantly moving around the world doing various "jobs" or volunteer work.  This person, aside from seeming a little scatterbrained also lacks basic spelling and punctuation skills.  This person's most recent status updates on Facebook have included capitalization, punctuation, and large vocabulary words.  I'm pretty sure someone else has taken over their postings.  This is why when my mom and I Skype (just the messaging, not the videos) she knows when Jed is the one doing the typing.  He capitalizes and punctuates.  I tend not to in instant messages and text messages.

1 comment:

Alanna said...

So far I've managed to avoid using any sort of text speak. Because I hate it. So if I'm not going to use phrases like BRB or whatever, I may as well use commas and apostrophes and all that good stuff, too. But it's probably only a matter of time before I finally let myself get lazy...

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