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Friday, September 07, 2012

Hospital Bills

I got temporarily freaked out today when a bill arrived in the mail from the hospital for $2600+.  We just bought a new car and our budget doesn't leave room for an unexpected hospital bill.  I called maybe four different numbers before leaving a message and waiting for a response.  By the time I got a call back, I had realized that the patient was listed as Mystery Baby.  Which made me realize I was probably only getting the bill because his insurance information hadn't been processed/approved yet.  And when the call came, she explained that this was exactly the case.  Phew.

We had awesome insurance in California when Jed was working for city government and we had our first two kids.  We never got a hospital bill (or invoice) for Buddy, but with Princess Sparkley, they sent us the invoice showing us how much our insurance paid.  Wow.  It was a TON of money.  If our memories are correct, close to $30,000. 

With Little Guy, we paid out of pocket through a great program our hospital had.  We paid $3600 total (about $2000 to the hospital and about $1600 to my OBGYN, although there were some other bills in there for lab tests, etc.).  This was nearly $20,000+ less than our hospital bill from having Princess Sparkley. 

I should probably have some deep thoughts here about our country, and insurance and Obamacare.  But really, I don't.  I like how things have been, and I'd prefer they didn't change.  That's about all the deep thinking capabilities I have right now when I'm as sleep deprived as I currently am.


Alanna said...

With Kaiser, we just pay a flat hospital fee of $100. It's been awesome (Bentley's bill ran around $23,000, so that was definitely a huge blessing!). But since with Kendra we got sent to a hospital that wasn't a Kaiser hospital, the billing was all screwed up. They still paid it all, but the hospital kept sending me bills for a YEAR after she was born. Apparently, Kaiser would deny them because it took them too long to file the bill, and then they'd try to get me to pay it, so I'd just have to refer them back to Kaiser. It didn't cost me any extra money, just a lot of phone calls and annoyance and those fun freak out moments you just described.

Fun times!

wendys said...

Finn's bill was huge because of the complications I had not to mention C-section. Why was PS so expensive? Was she early??

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