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Friday, September 07, 2012

Being a Big Brother

It turns out Little Guy is WAY excited about being a big brother.  He was nervous before Mystery Baby arrived.  He thought the baby would crawl around after him and take stuff from him.  And he will, just not yet.  One of Little Guy's goals he set for this school year is to learn to hold babies.  He asks all the time if he can hold him and comes up and softly pets his hair.  He's not totally on board with throwing away dirty diapers yet, but he's better than his siblings. 


Buddy, on the other hand, is a little freaked out by this new baby.  He was this way with Little Guy four and a half years ago, but I thought he'd be more comfortable this time round.  He says the new baby makes him nervous.  And he's very loud and screamy, which, to his credit, Buddy is not a fan of loud noises.  He's gotten better over the last few days, but he usually just waves to the baby from across the room.

Princess Sparkley of course is loving it and is a huge help holding Mystery Baby for me and helping keep him happy.  She washes his binkys as frequently as a first time mom. 

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wendys said...

Love it. It is always and adjustment for older siblings!

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