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Monday, August 13, 2012

Tough Week

Last night Jed was complaining to me about how horrible his week is going to be.
1.  He has to watch a baby be born.
2.  He has to cut the umbilical cord which creeps him out.
3.  He has to be present for a circumcision (he already learned the lesson of not watching this one).
My response, "Yeah, YOUR week is going to be real rough."  It's not like I have to give birth or anything.
Then I had a laughing fit remembering a hike we took at Thomas Stone National Historic Site.  Little Guy was in the hiking backpack on Jed's back.  Jed ended up falling into a small creek almost up to his waist.  When he climbed up the other side of the creek, Little Guy was exclaiming how his boots *almost* got wet to Jed, who was wet from his upper thigh, down to his toes. 


wendys said...

Poor hubby! I guess you will have to be tough for both of you!

Alanna said...

I read this and thought, "Well, Brandon showed up to help that guy move today, so I guess Nancy didn't kill him."

Remarkable self restraint. I'm very impressed! Craig would know better than to say something so incendiary to me when I'm that pregnant!

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