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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bike Trailer... for a DOG!?!

I saw this and thought, "Surely the word 'dog' is just a cutesy name for this bike trailer and it isn't actually meant for dogs."  I was wrong.

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Jackie Champion said...

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Going to the park to give your pet a little fun and exercise? Why not get some exercise yourself on the trip their and back, without tiring them out along the way? Leashing your pet to the bicycle is inherently unsafe for pets and owners alike a bike trailer solves that problem and your pet will love the ride. Hunter K9 has a variety of options including the Track'r HoundAbout for large (up to 110 lbs) and medium dogs (up to 50lbs). The DoggyRide Pet Bike Trailer for dogs includes a stroller kit and pet mat option for more versatility and comfort.

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