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Thursday, August 23, 2012

As if recovery wasn't bad enough on it's own...

I tend to recover well from giving birth (we'll just ignore Princess Sparkley's journey into this world because it took 18+ hours making the recovery much slower).  With all three boys, the labor has been relatively quick, and I think with Mystery Baby, I was only pushing for a few minutes, not to mention an epidural that mostly worked.  But it's SO annoying to finally be done with being pregnant and not being able to sleep on my belly, but I can't because I don't want to cut off my milk supply.  Not to mention the soreness of that entire region.  So while recovering-from-birth-wise, I actually feel pretty good, I have all sorts of other complaints.
What stinks about recovery:
  • Being in the hospital for all of Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday... sitting and sleeping uncomfortably in a hospital bed, plus the soreness of muscles from poorly managing my contraction pain.  My bum didn't hurt from giving birth, it hurt from having to sit and sleep so uncomfortably.
  • Breastfeeding is never easy for me, so of course I'm already trying to alleviate pain and ward off infections.  Meaning I still can't sleep on my stomach, meaning I'm still sleeping uncomfortably.  On top of the fact that I'm getting little sleep.
  • Today, my head feels like it is going to explode.  I just looked up postpartum headaches and apparently they are super common.  But the medicine I'm allowed to take is not nearly as powerful as I would like it to be.  Maybe I could check back in and get some Vicadin, or whatever they were offering me at the hospital.
  • I have a cough.  I started getting a cough a few days before Mystery Baby was born.  It's still here meaning I'm constantly coughing and waking him up.  Or I'm coughing and clutching my uterus so I don't damage it. Or I'm trying to suppress my giant coughing attacks so I don't lose any stitches. 
  • Being so sleepy.
  • Mystery Baby sleeps best curled up on my chest, meaning even when he's asleep, I'm trapped (like right now) sitting on the couch with a sleeping baby perched on my chest.
Sorry to complain, mostly it's the headaches... and the breastfeeding that is doing me in.  Mystery Baby is super sweet and I just have to remind myself that I'm never in love with the first few months of having a baby.  I'm more of a baby person, not a newborn person.  They are cute and tiny and I like to see them all squished up, but I like them much better from about 4 or 6 months on.


Kristi said...

I agree. It isn't my favorite part of babyhood. There's nothing sweeter than a newborn, it's just that it's just too hard to really enjoy when you are tired and recovering.

Could your headaches be related to the epidural?

Tiffany said...

Sorry things are so miserable at the moment, hang in there! And I think you are totally justified to complain, its rough going those first days after having a baby. I agree, I absolutely hate sleeping in the hospital and I am always very uncomfortable. And the breastfeeding is such a pain until you and the baby get into the groove of it. Things will bet better with time... :)

Erin said...

Oh Nancy, those headaches sound awful! And irregular sleep definitely is a trigger for my headaches. I hope the cough gets better soon too. It seems like everything is converging to make things harder.

Alanna said...

Wait, are you going to use this as some sort of excuse to not come on the ward campout???

Sorry. I probably shouldn't even joke like that. I agree that recovery process is always worse than I think it ought to be, and the headaches sound awful. I just remember laying on my bed and my chest was so sore I couldn't even have the blankets on me or anything. (Weird, he was the first kid where I got engorged. It had never happened before. I guess the question really is how had I been so lucky before?) Anyway. It's hard.

I hope you get some sleep and those headaches go away soon!

wendys said...

It will get better I promise!

Angela said...

I HATE post birth recovery!!!!! It is terrible and you are so tired and it never seems to end, did I mention I hate it? I also don't like the newborn stage. They are so small and you never know if there is major problems. It is very stressful. I always tell myself, just make it to two months and then it will start to get better. Also don't be a hero, get the good drugs. I always do and its all that gets me through.

Aimee said...

I know you wrote this a while ago, but I read it and never commented. I have been laughing at your descriptions of recovery. I especially agree with how frustrating it is to finally not be pregnant and STILL not sleep on your stomach?! Such a pet peeve of mine. That is one cute baby, though!

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