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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weird Addictions I Have

I may have already blogged about how much I love un-toasted Pop-Tarts (or generic pop-tarts).  And I may have already blogged about how much I love the smiley face Walmart brand fruit snacks. But I've recently discovered that the fruit snacks at Aldi* (at least the dinosaur-shaped ones) are just about as yummy as the smiley face ones from Walmart.  More like a candy than a healthy fruit snack, but I wasn't talking about healthy addictions here.

*Aldi.  Not Aldis.  Why do so many people call it Aldis??  Drives me nuts.


wendys said...

Have you ever tried to make your own poptarts?

Leslie said...

I love uncooked pop tarts...but just the strawberry ones! :)

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