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Sunday, July 08, 2012


I decided this morning to take an inventory of our spoons since it seems (between cereal and bowls of ice cream) that we never have enough.  I wondered if it really was a matter of we are using spoons more frequently than forks and knives, or if we had less spoons.  Turns out we are now down to nine spoons (there are supposed to be twelve).  I believe last time I inventoried our spoons we had eleven.  I'm not sure which kid is the culprit (maybe all of them), but I have a feeling we're losing spoons to the trash.
The entire inventory:
12 knives
12 large dinner forks
12 small dinner forks
12 large dinner spoons
9 small dinner spoons
Looks like I need to go spoon shopping.


Alanna said...

We finally had to supplement our spoons with Ikea silverware-- it's cheap, looks all right, and gets the job done. We haven't lost our spoons so much as let the garbage disposal chew them up, so now they're all rough and awful to use. Ick.

Erin said...

We get low on spoons too. I do think that sometimes they find their way into the trash with a yogurt cup. Sometimes I find them in a bag of brown sugar or under a bed...

EmmaJ said...

I have this thing about liking my teaspoons to not match anything and be kind of vintage. I need to get some more. Goodwill?

wendys said...

I have actually found spoons in my garbage accidentally thrown away. Dang kids.

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