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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pregnancy Fears

Among all the more major fears (giving birth, something going wrong, the baby having a health problem, etc.) I also have weird minor fears.  My big fear right now is that this baby will actually be a girl.  When I had the ultrasound, the technician told me it was a boy and indicated that when she was done with all the other measurements that needed to happen, she'd come back and double check for sure.  Then a higher up technician/doctor came and looked specifically at this baby's heart (because of Little Guy's heart) and the technician never went back for a double check on the gender.  She never really gave me a reason to think that it wouldn't be a boy, but her double check never happened and so in the back of my messed up pregnant mind I keep thinking, "what if it's a girl and I just washed all the boy newborn clothes!"  Or, "what if it's a girl and we don't agree on a single girl name right now" (even though historically, we've had half a dozen girl names picked out and no boy names for each of our kids).  Jed has a girl name picked out that he loves.  When his parents were quizzing him about it he had to tell them, no he's pretty sure no other person has this name.  This, from my husband who refuses so many baby names for so many reasons and here he goes and picks out a girl name that isn't even a name.   If we'd been able to agree on a boy name other than Little Guy's, I could use my all time favorite girl name.  And if stupid Adele hasn't won all those Grammys this year we'd be set with a girl name.  And if the other girl name we had picked out didn't rhyme with the girl middle name we picked out we'd be good.  So even though Princess Sparkley would love this to be a girl (I haven't told her about my secret fear so she doesn't get her hopes up) and none of us (well, Buddy and Little Guy might) would be disappointed with a girl baby, we're in trouble if this baby is a girl because her birth certificate might say "Baby Girl" for awhile.


Alanna said...

I had the same fear with Kendra. At the ultrasound, the technician said, "Well, I didn't see any boy parts, so the baby must be a girl." That wasn't very reassuring to me, and I spent a good chunk worrying that it would be so embarrassing to be expecting a girl and then have a boy (would that mean he was really little?!?!?!?!). Fortunately for those fears, about three weeks before she was due, my regular doctor decided to do an ultrasound just to make sure she was head down. And you know, until I saw that ultrasound, I would not have thought that it was possible to see girl parts on an ultrasound, but let me tell you, it is! So then I'd seen it with my own eyes and could relax and just be excited to meet my little girl!

And choosing names for babies is so hard. And I think boy names are the hardest of all. I also think we've had this conversation before, so I'll stop rambling on your blog...!

Kristi said...

I think that little bit of uncertainty makes it kind of exciting. Of course, that's coming from someone who doesn't like to find out.

I do understand the stress of choosing names. Some people have seemingly endless lists of names that they'd be happy with. Not me. I'm lucky if I have 2 for each gender. And I feel pressure to have multiple names just in case the baby doesn't "look" like the name we picked (happened with Owen). Good luck finding a back up girl name!

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