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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I don't like confrontations.  And that basically sums up why I don't like being involved in, or even witnessing political "discussions."  Last night there was a knock on the door, I should have made Jed get it, he LOVES political "discussions."  Unfortunately I answered the door to an older woman with a clipboard who appeared to be, or at least, led me to believe she was checking voter registration, making sure people were paying attention to the presidential campaign and noting what were the key issues in the campaign to me.  I'm totally cool with that, everyone should be thinking about an upcoming presidential campaign, everyone should be registered to vote.
When I expressed the few issues that I feel are important to the election, she started disagreeing with me.  Basically, she is pro-Obama and wanted to argue me on points, telling me "it's the truth" to which I had to tell her, "my opinion differs from yours, I don't believe your "truth" is true."  Then I politely told her she'd never change my mind, I had no interest in going to Obama's website and she was free to have her opinion.  All while I'm standing in my doorway, 8 1/2 months pregnant, with a temperature above 90 and probably 90% humidity.  THAT I am not okay with.  Arguing her political point to me, at my house, under false pretenses, while out of decency I'm forced to be uncomfortable and annoyed. 
And for the record, I'm not really happy with either candidate, but I'm less happy with the current president than I am with any of his competition.


Myk said...

I'm totally with you. Hate arguing. I'm political in that I have my definite political views. There is a blissfully ignorant republican lady in my ward who claims to be very politically informed and involved...she was asking my political affiliation, and was so shocked to hear my response, "I am not registered to any party, nor will I ever be, I vote on issues, not corrupt parties. But, if I had to choose a party, I would probably most closely tie myself with the Libertarians." Her response was classic..."But how can you be liberal?" haha. political people.

Angela said...

I hate politics. I get ulcers just thinking about it. Secretly i wish Jed would run for president, although that would mean the death of pennies, and i'm not sure you would like being the first lady. Lots of public waving and smiling and all...

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