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Friday, July 13, 2012

Curtain Project

When we moved into our townhome last summer, only two windows had any sort of window covering.  One is the unfinished part of the basement (aka Jed's office) and that window faces the front of the house and is next to the front door.  The curtain on it is just white.  The other is in the kitchen. Now, as you can see below (sorry, I don't have a shot of the actual window) the kitchen is very blue and white.  The curtain in the kitchen is tan with olives and burgundy accents.  It doesn't really match (AT ALL), but it's been low on my priority list. 

The other day I came across this idea on Pinterest and fell in love.  Simple, doable, doesn't require any sewing.  I just need to haul myself to the fabric store and make up my mind about some fabrics in blues and whites and maybe a little red.

Image from here: One good thing by Jillee

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