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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby Countdown

Three more weeks (+/-).

Here's how I make sure the baby doesn't come early:
     I don't have a car seat ready.  I haven't bought diapers or wipes or binkys.

Here's how I make that plan backfire:
     Jed set up the crib and we washed all the boy clothes, blankets and burp cloths.

Or maybe it's the reverse of the above.  Maybe because I don't have diapers, the baby will come early.  Or maybe because the crib is set up, the baby will be late. 

And my newest fear:
     While walking around looking super pregnant I start getting paranoid that weirdos are going to kidnap me and cut the baby from my belly.  I think I read bizarre news headlines too often, and watched too many made for TV movies in the 90s.


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

It's okay that you don't have a car seat because you also don't have a car.

wendys said...

Yikes that is a scary thought. It is wrong for me to say that your pregnancy has gone really fast for me? And I just noticed the word pregnancy has your name in it?

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