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Monday, June 18, 2012

When to Nest

I don't know that I ever really get the "nesting" kick that so many pregnant women talk about.  There comes a point when I realize I need to get stuff ready for the baby, but that's just logic.  I'm at a point in this pregnancy (32 1/2 weeks) when it's too soon to *really* get ready for the baby, even if it is sort of soon.  I'm not going to pull out all the baby clothes and wash them in Dreft.  I'm not going to set up the crib.  I'm not putting the car seat in the car.  Etc.  So what do I do?
I want to make a boy version of this, like the one I made for Buddy awhile back.  But I can't find any fabrics that are jumping out at me to use them.  Crazy, since usually fabric is jumping out at me and I have no project for which to use them.  I've bought the fabric for the nursing cover I've commissioned (can it be described as commissioned if no money trades hands?) my mother-in-law to sew.  I haven't sent it to her yet because I haven't picked out the fabric for the car seat cover because I haven't gone and bought the car seat yet (and I want them to sort of match)  because 7 1/2 weeks seems too soon.  Maybe I'm just in denial about this baby coming. 

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wendys said...

I'm not a nester and it's usually turned out ok. While I was in labor with the first, I sent my husband to go buy a car seat! With this one I went to the hospital without a bag even packed.

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