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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Random Fun

  • We live in a row of townhomes where the bottom floor where you enter is more like a basement and the kitchen/dining/living area starts on the second floor.  Sort of annoying that you have to go up a flight of stairs to be to the main living floor, but not horrible.  We don't have a back porch off the second level, but our neighbors on either side do.  (If we did as well, it would be like a block party and we could pass drinks and appetizers among the neighbors we'd be so squished together.)  Our neighbor on the right is an older lady who apparently recently acquired a fat bull dog.  Or possibly she's pet sitting.  Either way, it apparently can't handle the steps down the back porch so several times a day we see this little lady carry this tubby little bull dog down and then back the steps to take care of its business.  It's a funny sight to see.
  • Our kids (the two oldest) have finally learned to ride bikes without training wheels.  They go up and down the sidewalk on the street out front.  Apparently the other day some kids got in Princess Sparkey's way, causing her to swerve and hit a car parked parallel on the street.  The people were in the car, and associated with the kids who caused the accident so they said it was okay.  I'm just glad she didn't crash into the Corvette that parks up that direction.
  • We went on a family walk/bike the other night which ended up with Jed being bitten by a 200 lb. Mastiff.  He's okay, it was just swollen and sore for a day or two.  But because of these dogs being loose from their yard we called animal control, which was closed because it was a Sunday evening, so we called the police.  They insisted on coming to see us as well as collecting the dogs back into their yard.  It was the highlight of the week in Little Guy's mind.  For several days now he's said "thank you the police man came to our house" in his prayers.  
  • It's much easier to deal with Buddy as a sick kid than Princess Sparkley.  Princess Sparkley is constantly trying to convince us she's ready to eat food again, eats too much too soon and pukes it up again.  Buddy has only had 6 crackers, one applesauce, two pieces of toast, an English muffin and a few glasses of Sprite and water in the past 36 hours.  Princess Sparkley would have been demanding full meals hours ago. 
  • At my check-up this week I found out I passed by three hour glucose test and lost 2 or 3 lbs.  I told Jed we needed to celebrate by getting donuts from Shoppers (our local grocery store with giant, delicious donuts).  I was sort of joking.  Instead we got ice cream and watched part of season two of Downton Abbey.

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wendys said...

I hate dogs. but I love Downton Abbey.

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