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Monday, June 25, 2012

Parenting Lesson Learned Today

Never tell your kids when you might do something fun.
We sent our kids to bed last night with the idea that we (the decision-makers) were going to discuss and decide about a fun activity for the day.  At the time, we were debating between camping at First Land State Park in Virginia Beach, or possibly just going to the beach for the day.  After they were in bed we checked the weather and there was a 40% chance of scatter thunderstorms from noon until 8PM.  Neither idea seemed all that great while raining. 
Princess Sparkley immediately broke in tears (moping for several hours).  And this was not even knowing what the plan was, just that we were going to do something.  Maybe we should have more of our exciting activities be stuff like: clean out the closets, scrub toilets, etc.  Then if we cancelled said plans, nobody would cry.
So, to try to make it up to the kids for the failed camping/beach trip (which could have still happened later in the week possibly), we had a different, not as fun plan (that we also didn't tell them the details of, we just packed them in the car letting them know they'd be there for about an hour) and that it was nothing exciting.  But we get in the car and the car is braking strangely, we basically circle a big block and get dropped off at home.  Jed and PS then took our car to get fixed.  Our exciting day went from exciting to boring and depressing.  At least PS is now having the fun excursion of walking home from the car place (it's less than a mile away). 
Meanwhile, Buddy just wandered in and asked when we were going to do our fun thing for the day.  Argh...


wendys said...

Ack frustration!

Heather Payne said...

Pinterest to the rescue. Haven't you pinned millions of crazy ideas to do with the kids? I've been busting these ideas out lately to cover the fact that I'm not leaving the house. Kids have been moderately fooled so far. On the schedule for tomorrow: Exploding bars of Ivory soap. Thanks, Pinterest.

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