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Friday, June 01, 2012

Keeping Busy

 This is probably the longest lull in my blog in... ever.  I think Pinterest and Facebook are feeding my need to do whatever it is that blogging used to fulfill.  Plus, I really have nothing to say.  I update the family blog with all the billions of pictures we take, but here... I've just slacked.

My parents came for a visit.  Here they are with the kids at the Marine Corps Museum in Triangle, VA.  They loved it.  It really is sort of a hidden gem.  Completely free, well done, and they've added some new sections just for kids.

And my parents took us to see the Nationals play the Pirates (and the Pirates won for Jed!).

Buddy was baptized on May 19th.  Hence the visit from my parents all the way from California.

The family after the baptism.  We opted for shadowed faces rather than squinty eyes.

 The whole gang.  Two sets of grandparents, an aunt, uncle and two cousins in addition to our family.

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Angela said...

Jed and Little Guy are twins btw. Congrats to Buddy!

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