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Friday, June 15, 2012

How Are You?

I assume these days what when people ask how I am, or how I'm feeling, they are referring to the pregnancy.  There isn't much to say to that other than pregnant.  Plus, I hate that I automatically answer and then say, "and how are you?" Or, "how are you feeling?"  It's like someone telling you congratulations and you accidentally responding, "Thanks, you too."  When there is no reason for you to congratulate them.

And on a similar note, people keep telling me how terrible I looked last time they saw me so they hope I'm doing better.  I did have the flu last week, which in addition to being pregnant, is not fun.  But I already feel huge, why must people point out how miserable/sick/tired I look.  Especially when I think I'm pulling off looking normal.


Angela said...

This happens to me all the time. I think it means i need to sleep more and wear makeup.

Kristi said...

This made me laugh. I was out of town on Mother's Day and so my kids called me to tell me Happy Mother's Day. Erik was looking at me funny which made me realize that I was wishing them all a Happy Mother's Day too after each wish. Oops.

The thing I dislike most about being pregnant is that it is such a public event. You go through these massive physical changes and everybody is watching and feels free to comment on it. bleh.

wendys said...

I agree with Kristi - it is embarrassing to look crappy and have everyone notice! The last few weeks of my pregnancy were awful because I was so swollen peoples eyes just bugged out when they saw me! I probably should have taken some pictures but I was too sensitive!

wendys said...

I just realized that I use exclamation points after each sentence! Sorry!!

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