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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby

I just created a Target Baby registry so I could keep track of the purchases I needed to make before the baby arrives.  It told me I had 68 days.  Ahh!  At my last doctor's appointment, my doctor informed me that from now on I'll be going every two weeks.  Really?  Already?  I suppose I have hit 30 weeks, it just sort of surprised me that I'm that near the end.  Even if I do feel enormous.  And can never get comfortable.  I guess I'm just not ready for the newborn aspect of pregnancy, not that I ever am.  Although at this stage in my first pregnancy, with Princess Sparkley, we probably already had the crib set up!

So, in preparing for having a newborn again, I have a question.  What kind of infant bath seat do you prefer?  While this bath pod is probably the second most popular post on my blog, I'm not leaning in that direction.  Other suggestions?

1 comment:

wendys said...

I have never used an infant bath! We have always used the kitchen or bathroom sink. It's a little tricky but I hate buying things that take up space and that you can only use for a short time.

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