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Saturday, June 23, 2012


We're crazy enough to think about going camping in the next couple of weeks.  Mainly because we've been promising the kids we'd go forever, and I'd rather go now than with a newborn.  Here are some links to all the camping advice, etc. I've been finding online.

Tin foil dinners
More tin foil dinners
Tin foil dinner tips
More foil meals
Camping Monkey Bread
Pancake batter in a Ziplock (picture here, scroll down a bit)
Orange Rolls over a campfire
Breakfast eggs in foil bowls
Personalized campfire sticks
Or, the dollar section at Target right now has telescoping Marshmallow roasters
Tips on planning a menu and prepping camp food
10 easy breakfast camping recipes
Tips for camping food
Family Camping Q & A
Pie Iron recipes
More pie iron recipes
No utensil cooking
Bug buttons


Alanna said...

Best advice I ever got (and it may be in one of your links, so I'm sorry if this is just a repeat), is to wrap your foil dinners in foil, then in newspaper, and then in another layer of foil. It makes them cook just right without burning and they actually taste GOOD! Who would have guessed that was even possible?

Angela said...

My camping tip: you stay home.

Erin said...

Just remember that you will likely be getting up in the middle of the night to go pee in the latrine that is a bit of a walk from your campsite. Camping while pregnant is tough but you are right that it would be worse with a newborn!

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