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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Worm

     In case you've already forgotten this post, Princess Sparkley is a book worm.  I'm beginning to think she's actually a faster reader than either Jed or myself.  We've recently cracked down on how many library books we can check out at a time because the library was losing track of what we'd returned and we were having to hunt them down on the shelves to prove to the librarians that we had indeed returned said books.  Not to mention there were some books we were renewing four times (meaning they were in our house for five months) so we insisted these books be read before new ones could be obtained.  Most of these were books that Jed picked out for PS and once she finally read them, she enjoyed them, but she put them off forever (or, in actuality, half a year). 
     We returned a stack of library books on Monday or Tuesday and each of the kids just got two or three new books.  Today, Thursday, we went to a different library so I could find two books on the shelf and let the librarians know that, yes, we had returned those books.  PS asked if we could get books.  I said no, we just got books a couple days ago.  To which she responded, but I'm already done with those books.  I told her that meant she was getting books that were too far below her reading level and we needed to get harder books for her.  I told her we should look for the second book in the Benedict Society series.  I'd read the first book aloud to them earlier this year, or possibly last year.  We found that book, came home around lunchtime, did a shortened summer school day and after dinner I overhead PS and Jed talking about how she was done with that book already.  So, in less than five hours, she'd read a 464 page book for 5th-7th graders (she's just finished 4th grade).  I don't think I could have read that book that quickly. 
     I was excited then, when I came across this link on Pinterest, Top Read Aloud Chapter Books Starring Mighty Girls.  And while this list does have a lot of great books on it, she's already read more than half of them.  At least it's a start...


Angela said...

WHAT?! It took me weeks to read the first book. I am beyond impressed!

wendys said...

Way to go Princess Sparkley! I love it when kids love to read.

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